Wednesday, March 28, 2012

The House With A Garden

Our family saw a house for rent the other day, the good news is, it has a garden and it looks beautiful! If there's a good news then there must also be a bad news, right? Well, not yet..I mean, the price for the rent of that same house is a bit expensive for us (that can be the bad news), but then we still haven't negotiated with the owner yet as she's still in Japan. So, I won't conclude that there's a 'bad news' just yet.

Anyways, we saw the house from the outside and it really looks nice. There's a garden in front and a small yard on the side. The relative of the owner whom Hubby has talked with, said that the owner just did renovations with the house. I'm not sure whether she did kitchen renovations Brisbane, laundry renovations or bathroom renovations but it seems that that's the reason why they're making the rental much more expensive than usual.

Hubby will still negotiate while we pray for God's will. I'm sure that, if that house is for our family to occupy then, the rental can go low within our budget. If not, then it means God has other plans for our family. :)

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