Friday, March 2, 2012

Lost Files

I almost panicked the other day. I thought I lost all my files inside my external hard drive. Actually, it was my bad since I left my son to play on on his own while I was working in the kitchen. I think he got bored with the game that he decided to just randomly press all the keys and play like a 'computer wizard'. And when I tried to open the files in my external hard drive, it just went blank! I tried and retried a few times and the results were the same. Oh, I have a lot of files in my hard drive, all the photos, my ebooks, homeschool ebooks, videos and etc. These files were like collected and compiled for a couple of years and I couldn't retrieve them anywhere else. And finally, I decided to restart the laptop and plug the hard drive in and out. And whew! The files are up and running.

This experience led me to search on google on how to back up your computer . I guess I will have to learn how to do this so that I won't have to worry again if something happens to my computer or my external hard drive.

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