Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Moving Houses

Moving hasn't been much a part of my life until recently. Imagine, our family has been living in the same house for almost 20 years. Yes, I stayed in the house where I lived as an infant until my teenage years. That was our first move, and then our 2nd move was about 3-4 years later. Since I was studying in Manila during our first move and working in Cebu on our second move, I really didn't experience a lot of the packing and unpacking. I know it should have been very difficult for our family since 20 more years of accumulate stuff is no joke. During that time, we also don't have services and shops that sells cheap moving supplies. So, they had to pack everything from what was available.

Then, as I got married and lived here in Thailand. We've moved more than a couple of times too, in our few years of being in the country. Now, I can say that moving is not an easy thing. One would think that packing the things is the major job, but there's the unpacking and the rearranging. Oh, it took us months (!) to settle in our 2nd home. It was a great blessing that our brother's family came to visit us that time because they really helped us a lot in packing and transporting our stuff. Then a few years later, we have to move again here ( our 3rd house), since the houses (2nd and 3rd) are just nearby, it was much easier and we didn't have to bring in a lot of things too.

Oh, thinking about moving now actually stresses me out already. But... I could still consider moving into a new house as long as the house has a bigger yard and is affordable. Our kids have always prayed for a house with a yard or garden so, they can be free to run around and take care of pets. Hmm..we'll see..

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