Saturday, March 17, 2012

Serious Conversation by My Kids

My kids were having late breakfast today. So, I just left them eating on their own while I was chatting with my Mom. I was just in the living room so, I overheard them talking while having breakfast. I was quite amused as to how they were having a serious conversation.

My daughter has actually been reading the Book of Revelations for the past days. Yes, she had some questions about this book but she has understood it better when I told her that this book is full of symbolism and future things. Anyways, she has been sharing to my son who's only 4 years old about the end times, heaven and etc. My son is still so small and can't seem to understand a lot of things that his sister has been saying but it was amusing to hear them discuss and share. He asked a lot of questions and there are also somethings that he doesn't want to agree on like death and etc. but they were talking like grown ups.

Oh, time just flies so fast.. the next thing I know they are already grown ups and will have more serious conversations with each other and even with us. :)

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