Saturday, March 17, 2012

The Shocking Phone Bill

I got a shock when I saw our phone bill yesterday. It was 8 times higher our usual monthly bill! At first, I thought that it was a total bill for the last 3 months or so. But when then I saw that it was only for a month. I can't remember calling the Philippines last month since I usually call home from Malaysia ( coz it's cheaper there). And then I saw that there was this single call for X,000 Baht! The number called only has 4 digits and the under the location called was 'life insurance' in Thai. I don't remember asking life insurance quotes from the phone. And when I saw the date of the call, I realized it was the time when we were in Malaysia. Oh, it's really very mysterious and shocking at the same time.

Hubby called our phone company to complain about the bill and they asked him to go to the office with the bill. Oh, I really hope and pray that we won't be able to pay for something, a 'call' or life insurance stuff that we didn't apply. Hubby said it might be a 'crossline', like someone's trying to use our number to call others or stuff like that. But my only prayer is that whatever it is, we won't end up paying for it. Where can we get such a big amount of money? :(

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