Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Telephone Bill - Solved!

Phew! Thank God for hearing our prayers! Hubby went to the telephone company yesterday, brought our outrageously expensive phone bill and talked to the office manager. Though it seemed that the process for the complain was long but the TOT officers were very kind and polite and at the end, they crossed out the X,000 Baht bill! Praise the Lord!

The officer apologized and even explained that things like this happen because of all the cable lines (cable lines, phone lines, electricity lines and etc) triggering each other making the computer 'crazy' and 'confused'. Thank God that Hubby just had to pay our normal telephone bill which was just a fraction of the original bill. PTL!

Special thanks to Ate Lits for your concern and prayers too! God bless you Ate!

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nanay said...

Praise God! He really answers prayers.


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