Friday, April 20, 2012

Our Compassion Sunday Profile

I just finished writing our Compassion Sunday profile and you can find in HERE. I was only allowed to write our story in 800 characters (take note: characters, not words). I felt that it was too short because I still wanted to write so many things about it. And since I can’t write everything there in our profile, I might just as well, write it here. ;)

As mentioned in our profile, we started having the burden to sponsor someone in Africa after watching the news and including the people affected by the famine ( last year) regularly in our family prayers. We then felt led to give a portion of my blogging income to those directly affected by it. We searched for Christian workers and organizations working with them, and that’s when we found out about Compassion. We prayed and gave a one time gift, but then we felt that we have to do something more. That’s when we felt led to sponsor a child. It wasn’t an easy decision for us to make since it would mean that we have to consistently shell out a portion of our income on a monthly basis. That’s a huge chunk from my blogging income on the ‘good months’. And just like any other ‘businesses, there are also ‘low months’. But as what Hubby always tells me, God has blessed us and we must bless other people too and surely God will provide. And indeed, God has provided for us and we’re able to consistently give our monthly support to our sponsored child (reaching one year this July).

God just did not use as a blessing to a child in poverty in Kenya, but God has also blessed us much more than we can imagine. God has blessed us with a relationship with Haron, who is such a sweet and precious child. God has blessed us by making our children concerned about Haron and all the other children in poverty. Through our sponsorship with Haron and knowing more about his life in the village, we’ve realized that indeed there are so many things in life that we can choose to live without and still be comfortable. Indeed, God has blessed us in every way, that we might be a blessing to others.

That’s our Compassion story, we don’t have much but God has enabled us and blessed us… I hope you too can share your blessings to the other children in need.

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