Wednesday, May 2, 2012

During the 'Silent' Times

As the wise man said in Ecclessiastes, ' There is a time for everything and a season for every activity under the heavens:.. '

Sometimes, we just want to relish on the beautiful times and seasons in our lives.. If possible, we just want to stay there and 'wish' that the other seemingly 'undesirable' times would never come. But it is during those 'undesirable' times that we learn and hold on to the things that are more important things in our lives.

If you ask us now, we are in the 'silent' times in our lives. Everything seems to be going so slow, everything seems so quiet.. But as we are in this season, I'm realizing that we are also building stronger foundations with our relationship with God, our family and focusing more in discipling our kids. It is during these times that we as a family pray and long for God like never before. It is during these times, that we couldn't afford to decide and settle for anything less than God's will. Though waiting may be very difficult, but God promised that He will renew our strength and let us mount with wings like eagles.. and yes we will wait, Lord... even if it means being on the 'silent' season for a longer period of time ....

Imagine, if we never have 'silent' seasons... we might still be going on and on in a flurry of activities, be swallowed in our busyness and forget the things are more important and the reason for it all.

Indeed God makes everything beautiful in HIS Time....

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