Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tricia's 'Poetry'

My li'l girl loves to writes poems and stories these days. Here's a sample of her poems. I only corrected a couple of spelling mistakes and the rest is in its original form.

The Young Boy Jude

Young boy Jude
messed up all his food.
He tried to clean the mess
But he had little success.
So he gave it up
and got a free pup
who ate the mess up.

The Fawn in My Lawn

As I cleaned my lawn
I find a fawn
that is very cute
with eyes as black as soot
looking at my lawn
as it becomes dawn.

I can make a lawn
but only God can make a fawn.

God Made Me

I have a pretty face
my dress is made out of lace.

I like to wash dishes
and I hate eating fishes.

I wish I have a cat
and God made me like that.

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