Thursday, May 31, 2012

The Weekend Rule

It has been months now since we gave the Weekend Rule to the kids. That means, they can only watch TV and play computer games during the weekend. At first, I really thought it would be hard to implement this since, they're so used to watch their favorite cartoon channel after 5 o'clock in the evenings. I've also 'treasured' those evenings when they watch TV because it'll be the time that I can cook our dinner in peace or do some of my online tasks.

But as we set this rule down to our kids, they were okay with it. They found to amuse themselves in different ways after homeschool (for my daughter) and the afternoon nap (for my son). They would read a book, play with their toys, draw and etc. Sometimes during the weekend, we even forget to turn on the TV at 5:00 PM because they will just be so busy playing or doing other activities by themselves. As for my daughter she's content to get 2 hours of computer on Saturdays and Sunday afternoons. It's during this time that she sends emails, writes her blog posts, do her online typing class and finally play online games from Zoodles. By the way, Zoodles is an online game site where parents can control and monitor the games that children play online. I really like this site since it only shows games that are age appropriate to the kids and they'r mostly educational games.

Anyways, I thank God I've successfully detached my kids from too much cartoons and there's not much a need for us to search for the best wii games .

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