Tuesday, June 5, 2012

12 Years Ago

My daughter was rummaging through our drawers looking for something this morning. Then, she lifted my journal from 12 years ago and curiously asked what's inside. I just simply told her that it's my journal and she can't read it now but I'll let her read when she's ready.

When she left the room, I found myself browsing through my journal and I was transported back in time Year 2000 or Y2K as how I wrote the year in my journal. LOL! The year 2000 was indeed an exciting year for me. I was still very single at that time and I was at the crossroad in my life and waiting on God for His clear directions. It was amazing as to how God spoke to me through His word. Everything was so clear!

I think it was not a coincidence that my daughter found my Y2K journal today. As I read through it, I was encouraged and reminded of a lot of things especially on God's promises. God's promises stands forever and He will FULFILL what He has purposed... Let us continue to hold on to God's promises because we know that He is faithful to let it come to pass.

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