Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Waiting for the Postman

I've been constantly looking outside today whenever I hear a motorbike sound. I'm actually waiting for the the postman. I'm expecting a few packages this week as our Thai friend sent a package from Bangkok for our li'l girl. I also ordered a few things (cheap books!) online a couple of weeks ago and I'm expecting them to arrive this week. And oh, an online company has also sent me some free stuff! Yeah, a lot of things you can get online even low cost term life insurance.

Oh, maybe I'm just excited. I'm excited for my li'l who will be receiving her gifts and the books I ordered for her.. and maybe I'm excited for Hubby and me too - for our free stuff! I love receiving free stuff err... mails and packages. It always feels like Christmas when I open packages or personal mails. :)

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