Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mother and Son Day Out

Since my son and I were home alone for a few days last week, we had a chance to bond and go on a day out! It was actually the first time that I went out with my son alone(without Hubby and daughter). When he was smaller, I never dared to bring him out alone because he just had so much of energy and I could never keep up with him. But now, since he's a bit bigger and more in control of his energy, he's a better companion at the mall. Though sometimes he just couldn't contain his excitement and jumps ups and down and becomes a bit loud but it's more controlled now.

So, we went to Diana, did some artwork, window shopping and had snacks at Mcdo. He truly enjoyed the day and was telling me, ' God is so good Amma, because he let me paint, get a balloon, get a toy and see the mascot! Thank you Amma!" He's such a sweet boy!

But even though he enjoyed being alone with me for several days, he can't help but miss his Ate and Appa. If only they were just a few intercoms away... but it's okay because they are arriving real soon. :)

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