Saturday, July 21, 2012

The Unexpected Surprise!

I love how God gives us unexpected surprises! A few months ago during the long Thai holiday, our family went on a prayer retreat and with God's provision, stayed at a resort for 2 nights. That was truly a refreshing break for us as a family and we thought that it will be good if we can have family retreats like this on a regular basis. And indeed, God met the desire of our hearts and just a couple of weeks ago, I learned that I won a 3 night and 4 days stay in a 5 star hotel in Trang. I just saw the photos of the resort and I can't believe that we could get to stay there for free. I'm not sure if they look something like Beach house rentals Galveston but I just really find the resort so beautiful as it's near the beach. It means, we can have another family retreat all for free! Now, we just have to look for another long Thai holiday so, we can have another family retreat.

I'm constantly amazed with God's blessings.. it's only through His grace.. not because of the things that we do, but because that's just who He is.. a gracious and generous God.

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