Friday, August 24, 2012

A Touching Moment

I was so touched the other day by my son's gesture. We were in the city area to have dinner with our team and since he is like all his "Annehs" ( big brother in Tamil) so much, he was with them when we were going to the shop for dinner. So, I walked ahead with my daughter and waited for Lyle and the others to go inside the building. I thought that it was because of the heavy traffic that they were not able to cross the road immediately. Little did I know that Lyle saw a beggar on the sidewalk and he asked money from his 'anneh' so he can give money to the man. And not only that, ( the boys told me later), he also prayed for the man. Oh, when I learned about that, I was so touched that my 4 year old can do all these things in his own initiative and without anyone telling him to do so. I'm amaze that even at a young age he has a heart for the poor and needy. I actually notice this already as he always includes them in his daily prayers. Oh, I'm so bless with my little one and it's my desire that indeed as he grows up, his heart for the people won't change and will do all these things to glorify God!

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