Friday, August 10, 2012

A Week long Celebration

I think this is the longest birthday celebration that I ever had. The celebration started a few days before my birthday when my Hubby gave me my surprise birthday gift! He gave it to me few days beforehand because we were travelling a few days after and it would be difficult for him to hide the 'surprise'. I truly had the best gift from Hubby and I told him that after that gift, my birthday is already complete. Nope, he didn't give me a classic dreadnaught guitar but something that I truly prayed and 'wished' that I could have. :)

Then during the week we were there for a training, our co-workers gave surprised me with my favorite Secret Recipe cake. Then another 36 cupcake surprise from my hosts. We had dinner at my favorite pizza restaurant. Then a few days later, our friends treated us at another restuarant with another 'surprise' greetings and cake from the crew! I thought that was the end of my weeklong birthday celebration when I had few other surprises throughout the days. Still my heart is overflowing with so much of excitement and joy for God's favor and grace in our lives!

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