Sunday, August 19, 2012

Our Neighborhood

Tricia on her regular skating time in the afternoons.

This is our neighborhood. We've stayed in this area for several years now and we really love it here. We know most of our neighbors and they're very friendly and kind. On a few occasions, our clothes will be left outside to dry and when it rains ( and we're out) , our kind neighbor would bring the clothes in the garage so they won't get wet in the rain.

Our kids love this neighborhood too. Honestly, they know more of our neighbors than us since they are outside most of the the afternoons. A few times we went out to a mall and some people would be smiling at them and calling them by their Thai names. Only later, I would remember that they were our neighbors who live at the far corner of the subdivision. Oh, I'm actually quite bad in remembering people's faces.

If ever we will move out and find a new house, I'm sure I will miss this neighborhood the most. Never mind if we are not living on the prime fountain hills real estate , but I think I will love it here more that the other subdivisions in the city. That's how we like it here...

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