Sunday, August 19, 2012

Uneven Flooring

It has rained heavily this afternoon and I noticed that the water is somehow stuck on on our porch. I told Hubby that the rain was really so heavy since there's so much of water on the porch. But then Hubby told me that he has also noticed that water is stuck there whenever it rains these days but that hasn't been the case before. He suspects that the floor has become uneven. You see, there's a big crack on the floor on the garage before our house owner filled it up with cement. It was like a 'fault' line and Hubby thinks that that must be the reason of the uneven floor on the porch. For others they might think of checking whenever it comes to flooring needs, but as for us, we're thinking of moving to another house. LOL! But seriously though, I just hope that this house will remain to be strong and stable while we're staying here. And not to mention, there's also a large crack on the wall of our homeschool room. I didn't notice the crack until my son asked me about it. Hmm.. I'm not so sure what's the explanation of this, but I hope this house is still livable.

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