Saturday, September 22, 2012

Numerous Calls

Ever since my daughter has learned to use the phone and memorized her Appa's number about 2 years back. She has been calling her Appa on her own and sometimes she calls him several times a day! A few times she would just call and ask her Appa what he's doing. Many times, when I'm putting Lyle to sleep she would call him and ask whether she can go biking outside, buy something from the nearby shop and etc. There were days when she called Hubby 5 times in a day asking different things. So, we finally had to control her unnecessary calles and also taught her to dial 1234 before the handphone number so as to lessen the cost of the calls. 

As of now, we're not teaching our son how to make phone calls yet. I know he too will be excited if he's able to learn how make phone calls and sure we'll end up with exorbitant telephone bills. All these hi tech stuff really excites kids so much. Maybe using them makes them feel like grown ups or it satisfies their curious minds. I wonder how kids react when they see other stuff such as video intercom systems and hi tech doorbells. Hmm.. as for my kids, there's no need for me to wonder since I know what they'd do. 

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