Saturday, September 1, 2012

The Surprise Birthday Party

It was our friend's birthday the other day and we decided to give her a little surprise birthday party. It was sort of an impromptu decision as we have only planned it a night before. So, that Friday before lunch, I started to prepare all the things that I needed for the party. It's good that I got a little help from my girl and also from Hubby. I was able to complete everything on time in our little kitchen. And oh, it's really great to have a small kitchen because I could work faster as everything is just within reach. If I needed anything in our kitchen, it would be those RTA Kitchen Cabinets so as to store all my dishes and baking stuff. I heard those cabinets are of good quality and easy to assemble. *

Anyways, I'm glad that our friend enjoyed her surprise birthday party! As always, it's fun and exciting to invite other friends and surprise the celebrant. Organizing surprises like these are really worth all the time and effort especially knowing that you've blessed someone who has been a great blessing in our lives as well!

Abelene, if you're reading this, we're truly blessed with your heart and with your life. We pray that in God's beautiful time, He will give you your heart's utmost desire... "HAppy Birthday to you!!" ... :)))

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