Tuesday, October 30, 2012

DIY Rabbit Cage

It started with a plan to make a bigger rabbit cage since our rabbits were getting cramped in their small pink cage. Then, 3 of our friends first volunteered to help Hubby build the cage and but they ended up building a 'rabbit mansion' by themselves! Yes, they built this rabbit cage from scratch.. with wire mesh, wood, and maybe toggle bolts too.

Oh, the kids were ecstatic when they saw the finished product and couldn't thank the 3 'annehs' for making the big rabbit cage for them. Now, the Annehs have gone back home but they're still talking about the fun times they had and especially the fact that they made the special cage for their pets. 

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Online Studies

Hubby and I are both doing some kind of an online study. Nothing serious and nothing formal....But I love the fact that both of us are learning things at the same time and have our own discussions and reflections. I also find it a good exercise for my mind as I really feel that my brain is getting rusted a little bit. Yes, one can obviously see it on the way I write.. LOL! But just the same, I find writing as a creative way for me to express myself and as I've said an exercise for my mind too. We have to continue to train our mind, gain wisdom and knowledge as this is all beneficial for us as as we serve others.

Intermission: Marketing Schemes

With millions of people using the internet these days, there are more and more ways to increase ones sales in the worldwide 'market'. That's why it's important for many  companies to have some sort of a social network or email marketing campaign.

This is actually a good strategy to keep in mind just in case one wants to venture into online business.

All's Well

I may have mentioned that my son was sick last week. I was also down with fever, but not as bad as my son. But thank God for his healing and we were both fine after a few days. But then on Wednesday, it was my daughter who got sick again, she had high fever and was complaining of sore throat. So, we gave her medicine and her take a rest for the day. Praise God that her fever has subsided after medication but she had low grade fever for a couple more days. 

I don't know why it seems that we're like taking turns of getting sick, it must be the virus that's just going around the house or bacteria that's contaminating each one. But I'm still thankful that it's not as serious and we are all okay after a few days. 

Now, I'm doing a lot of precaution and letting the kids take a lot of celebrate vitamins and vitamin C.

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Baking Sessions

I love how my Saturdays are turning out to be. They're becoming like baking sessions for me and my local friends. Two Saturdays has passes and I taught baking to 2 different batches of friends. It's actually a lot of fun and I'm so happy to see their 'accomplished' faces as they see and taste their baked goods. They're usually first time bakers and couldn't believe that they can actually bake! LOL!

Since we have something on this Saturday, my friend and I will bake the oatmeal cookies next Saturday. Exciting!:)

The Lost Glasses

My daughter started to wear glasses when she was 7 ( turning 8). We got her first pair of glasses from the Philippines and she really liked them. But a month ago, when we went to the zoo, maybe out of too much excitement, she misplaced them. We spent quite sometime searching for them and even retraced our steps from the Seal show to the Reptile house, but to no avail. 

Since she couldn't see clearly when things are far, we planned to buy for her another pair. But to our surprise, we found that the glasses here are double the price of that from the Philippines. And these are just the very simple glasses.

But what's funny is that, when I was chatting with my Mom ( who's in the Philippines) and casually telling her about tricia's lost glasses, she told me that my nephews have actually found a pair of glasses somewhere. I think they couldn't locate the owner anymore so, they decided to keep them. And what's amusing is that the glasses are also Pink and Purple Barbie just like what Tricia has lost. It's amusing how we lost a pair of glasses in Thailand and how they found a pair of glasses in the Philippines. 

So now, we won't have to buy a new pair anymore and maybe just use  the 'lost and found' glasses when we   go to the Philippines. I lost or broken glasses will always be a part of my daughter's life now unless she decides to do Lasik Boston later when she grows up.

Puzzle Fun

A few nights ago, our family spent our nights in our daughter's room finishing the 600 pcs. world map jigsaw puzzle. It seemed a daunting task at first especially when we saw that there's so much of blue pieces which are actually the oceans, seas, bays and etc. But as we got a bit organized by doing the outline first, then oceans then countries, we couldn't help but be excited in finishing the task ( sounds like the great commission task huh?).

At first I thought that our son would just be an onlooker since he's not so much into puzzles and the pieces are just too small for him, but we were all surprised that he got to form Greenland all by himself and without looking at the box. Then, he also got to form Brazil. But I think he got bored after that and he was just playing around and sometimes disturbing us. As for my little girl, he eyes are always wide with excitement as she encounters the countries she has learned from homeschool. So far she has memorized the Scandinavian countries, Middle East and Eastern Europe. 

We really had a great family time doing our world map puzzle. As of now, we haven't touched the map yet as we will be praying over those countries during our family devotion. 

Sunday, October 21, 2012

My Niece who Loves to Dress Up

This is Zane, sister's daughter. She loves to dress up and I really enjoy looking at her photos posted in Facebook. I think she's the one who chooses her clothes now and the accessories she wears. In this photo, it seems she doesn't want to let go of her purse and hair brush.

Photo credits: Judy Teves

I can't wait to take her photos and make her as my 'model' when I get back. I'll surely let her wear princess costumes and Wool Cowboy Hats. I'm sure she won't get bored to pose before the camera ( just like my present models, Tricia and Lyle) .

Thursday, October 18, 2012

5 Years Old

Our li'l boy just turned 5 last Monday. Sadly, we wasn't well on that day since he had fever and cough since Saturday. But since his fever has subsided in the morning, we decided to take him out for awhile and have a little celebration by eating out for lunch and buy a gift for him. He only wanted soldier toys and so, bought him a few of those.You know those small green soldiers with flags and guns. After lunch, we also did a little painting and games at Diana. Our boy is really so easy to pleased and he was already so happy with his simple birthday celebration. He even exclaimed at the end of the day that, 'It's the best day ever!'. 

Thank you Lord of our sweet, little boy who is truly a joy in our hearts!

Shops Closed

It was the start of the Vegetarian Festival here in Thailand last Monday,so it was a holiday. I actually didn't know about it until we went out to the city center and found it to be very quiet with a  lot of the shops closed from the carpet shops to the toys shops. Now, that was actually quiet an unusual sight, since the city center is  usually very busy. It was Hubby who reminded me about the festival and it was only then it clicked it me- all those signs and food sale at the grocery stores. 

Good thing though that there were still a few shops that were opened because we wanted to buy toys for our son who was celebrating his birthday. We usually buy at this wholesaler shop near the plaza, because there's really a big price difference with their items from the malls.And to think, it's the same china brand!;) So, our kids rejoiced to see one of the toys shops opened and they excitedly chose their favorite toys. I was also glad to get a good discount with the toys we bought. And true enough, we saw the same toy that Tricia chose at Tesco Lotus the price was almost doubled there!

The Neighborhood Before and After

More and more condos, houses and apartments are now being built in our neighborhood. There's this new apartment right at the corner of our street and a few are also subdivisions being finished nearby. The real estate franchise are really booming in this part of the country as it does seem more and more people are investing on properties at this time. 

I could still remember the first time I came to this neighborhood several years back. Hubby and I rode a Tuktuk and we had truly had a bumpy ride. Our 'main road' used to be a dirt road at that time and if I remember it correctly, they were still building the road at that time. And since it just rained when we arrived, the roads were still muddy and slippery. Then I also remember there were more vacant lots than houses and it seemed that our area was not part of the city. Our house used to be so 'far' from the city proper. But as time went by, things changed. This was even more obvious after Carrefour was built. There were more houses being built in the area and more people seemed to have come too. So, our area has automatically become a 'part' of the busy city.

Saturday, October 13, 2012

If It's God's Will

I was commending my daughter after our homeschool today. She did very well for our Science review which tackled the different systems in the body. I told her that she has a very good memory and has good understanding on how the different body system works.I then asked her if she wanted to become a doctor. I was actually more impressed with her answer than her performance on her science test, this is what she said, 'Yes, I want to become a doctor BUT if it's God's will.

As a parent, I do desire for God's perfect will on her life more than anything else. I'm blessed that even at her age, she's knows what she wants.. and that is God's will upon her life.It is indeed my prayer that as she grows , she will continually seek God and His purposes for her.. All for His glory!

English Service

Our church just started an English Service last Sunday. We normally just have a Thai service in the morning and that's the service we attend. Even though my Thai comprehension is not 100% accurate, but still I feel blessed after each service. But then, somehow I still long to sing songs and hear messages that I can fully understand. That's why some Sundays, we just stay at home and conduct our own worship as a family minus the electric guitars, Bugera and the piano. We have praise and worship, word (sometimes a video sermon from John Piper) and testimony time.Oh, hearing my kids' testimonies are just so cute!

Anyways, back to the English service,I'm glad that we have one now. We will still be attending the Thai service in the morning and the English service in the evening. That's a double blessing each Sunday!

Packages Shipped

We've already sent our cultural stuff with packaging for shipping to 4 families in our Worldwide Culture Swap list. This is our first time to join this program and our kids really enjoyed choosing and buying the items to be included in the exchange. As a short info, the worldwide culture swap is aimed at teaching children about the wonderfully diverse cultures and traditions of the world. So, families from different parts of the world will send cultural items with each other to learn more about each country and culture.

As of now, we're just waiting for our packages.  We will be receiving packages from Canada, US and London. My daughter has been quite interested with London lately since our geography lessons has been about the British Isles lately. 

Here is a photo of the things we sent: 


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