Sunday, October 28, 2012

All's Well

I may have mentioned that my son was sick last week. I was also down with fever, but not as bad as my son. But thank God for his healing and we were both fine after a few days. But then on Wednesday, it was my daughter who got sick again, she had high fever and was complaining of sore throat. So, we gave her medicine and her take a rest for the day. Praise God that her fever has subsided after medication but she had low grade fever for a couple more days. 

I don't know why it seems that we're like taking turns of getting sick, it must be the virus that's just going around the house or bacteria that's contaminating each one. But I'm still thankful that it's not as serious and we are all okay after a few days. 

Now, I'm doing a lot of precaution and letting the kids take a lot of celebrate vitamins and vitamin C.

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