Thursday, October 18, 2012

Shops Closed

It was the start of the Vegetarian Festival here in Thailand last Monday,so it was a holiday. I actually didn't know about it until we went out to the city center and found it to be very quiet with a  lot of the shops closed from the carpet shops to the toys shops. Now, that was actually quiet an unusual sight, since the city center is  usually very busy. It was Hubby who reminded me about the festival and it was only then it clicked it me- all those signs and food sale at the grocery stores. 

Good thing though that there were still a few shops that were opened because we wanted to buy toys for our son who was celebrating his birthday. We usually buy at this wholesaler shop near the plaza, because there's really a big price difference with their items from the malls.And to think, it's the same china brand!;) So, our kids rejoiced to see one of the toys shops opened and they excitedly chose their favorite toys. I was also glad to get a good discount with the toys we bought. And true enough, we saw the same toy that Tricia chose at Tesco Lotus the price was almost doubled there!

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