Wednesday, October 24, 2012

The Lost Glasses

My daughter started to wear glasses when she was 7 ( turning 8). We got her first pair of glasses from the Philippines and she really liked them. But a month ago, when we went to the zoo, maybe out of too much excitement, she misplaced them. We spent quite sometime searching for them and even retraced our steps from the Seal show to the Reptile house, but to no avail. 

Since she couldn't see clearly when things are far, we planned to buy for her another pair. But to our surprise, we found that the glasses here are double the price of that from the Philippines. And these are just the very simple glasses.

But what's funny is that, when I was chatting with my Mom ( who's in the Philippines) and casually telling her about tricia's lost glasses, she told me that my nephews have actually found a pair of glasses somewhere. I think they couldn't locate the owner anymore so, they decided to keep them. And what's amusing is that the glasses are also Pink and Purple Barbie just like what Tricia has lost. It's amusing how we lost a pair of glasses in Thailand and how they found a pair of glasses in the Philippines. 

So now, we won't have to buy a new pair anymore and maybe just use  the 'lost and found' glasses when we   go to the Philippines. I lost or broken glasses will always be a part of my daughter's life now unless she decides to do Lasik Boston later when she grows up.

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