Saturday, November 10, 2012

Of Christmas Break and Weddings

I'm literally counting the days before we go back to the Philippines to spend our Christmas holidays.Yes, that's another 33 days!! But before Christmas, our family will be attending 2 weddings. Two of my cousins are getting married next month. On the first wedding my daughter will be the junior bridesmaid while my son is going to be the ring bearer. Then, on the 2nd wedding we will be attending, my son will the Bible bearer.  My kids are excited and so am I! I'm really forward for these occasions since it'll be the first time for my son to play a role  in a wedding. I wonder how he will be walking in the aisle as he already has a tendency to be self-conscious. We've tried to let him 'practice' walking with a Bible, and he looks cute when he's feeling shy. :) In  preparation for these weddings, we have to search for unique groomsmen gifts, grooms and brides gift and not to mention the clothes that my kids need to wear on that special occasion.

Then, after the weddings will be Christmas,, Hubby's birthday and then the New Year! Wow! It's the exciting month of the year and I can't wait to go back home. 

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