Saturday, November 10, 2012

Poor Fishy!

My daughter came to me teary eyed. She sadly told me that their favorite fish, Torax has died. My son was still taking his nap at that time and Tricia already told me that Lyle be really be sad if he learns about the death of their favorite fish. True enough, when my son woke up and heard the bad news he was crying so hard that it's almost like he lost his favorite dog. It was actually his first time to experience of a loss of a pet and it just hit him so hard. I was trying to console him and reminded him that he still has about 15 other fish left in the aquarium. But that didn't comfort him but instead he angrily told me that there is only one Torax and it's not the same. Oppss.. 

I'ts just sad to see my kids sad. I wonder how they would feel if they lose their rabbits or turtles. Now, I see that they can really be so attached to their pets and it'll be hard for them if they lose them. 

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