Saturday, November 3, 2012

Sharing With Their Friends

I'm just blessed with my kids and I truly thank God for them. 

During the holidays, a couple of our neighbor kids would usually hang out at our porch and play with my kids and the rabbit. They're actually Lyle's friends ( according to him, because they're boys) while Tricia serves as his 'official interpreter'. LOL! Anyways, after a few afternoons of playing with them. I saw both my kids, busily looking over our bookshelves. They were looking for the Thai bible storybooks to give to their friends. Since we didn't have a copy in our house, they had to wait for our friends to bring it from the center. And surely, the next they it came and they immediately gave it to their friends. From then on, they kept praying for their friends that they too would soon know about Jesus. 

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