Saturday, November 3, 2012

Taking Care of Her Rabbits

We're glad that we got rabbits for our kids. They've actually waited for quite some time before buying them. We wanted them to be ready in having pets and taking care of them. Five years ago, we bought a pair of rabbits for her, but they died after a few weeks. Since she was still so small, she thought that taking care of the rabbits means was always cuddling them, kissing them and carrying them and I think they fell a few times.Oh, she was just heartbroken to learn that they died. 

Now since she's 8 years old, we thought that she's quite ready to take care of rabbits and so we bought for her and her brother. And true enough, we've seen how responsible she has become in taking care of her pets. She regularly feeds them herself, checks if they still have water, make it a point to let them come out of their cage every afternoon for 'exercise' and she can clean their cage now too! 

After commending her for the good work she's doing, her next question now is, ' Now, can I take care of puppies too? ' Yeah, she has been longing to have pet puppies. And she also 'wishes' to have ponies and  horses! Oh, if she only knows how difficult and how expensive it is to take care of horses since you won't only be needing horse blankets for them but a lot more.

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