Thursday, December 13, 2012

Song Composition

After a long road trip a few weeks back, our daughter was able to compose a song after being stuck in the car for hours. She was actually very quiet for a long time and when she was done, she sang to us her newly composed song. I was quite impressed as to how fast and how 'quiet' one can create a song.:)

 Here is how her song goes :

I was alone, 
not one place to call my home,
 inside a dark land. 

 I was alone 
 people passing by ,
no one caring about me
 no one loving me at all. 

 I was alone
 all by my self 
 no one with me, 
But now my feelings rise 
because Christ is with me, 

 Now I'm not alone 
I'm not alone
 I have a home.
 I now have great friends, 
 I'm gonna tell you why 
Christ is with me . 
 He has blessed me 
 with his blessings from above.

Though there might not be much rhyme and balance with with words, but since the tune of the song is good, I couldn't notice it much. Then, I asked my daughter about her song whether there was a time she felt alone and as to why she came up with the song. She told me that the song is not about her but she's just putting herself into the shoes of the people she sees who thinks they are alone and to let them know that they are not alone. I'm just glad of her answer! Praise God!

Anyways, stay tune for the recording of the song with Tricia's voice. I still didn't have the time to do a recording. Maybe next time, though I don't think we need furman power at Musician's Friend for this but I have to make sure  I can create a nice video of her singing her very first composition.

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