Tuesday, December 11, 2012

The Piece of Land

As I was monitoring about the flood situation in the Philippines last week, I remembered my  parents' piece of land near the river where we used to lived. The house that used to be there had been our home for 10 years. My father designed and built that house and even if it was a very simple house but it has been our own,cozy home. After last years flood, that land is now barren and of no use. I wonder what will happen to that piece of land. Even if we would want to sell it, I'm not sure if anyone would want to buy it since it is now a flood prone area. I really think it's very risky and dangerous to build a house there.  People these days prefer houses situated on the mountains far from the river or seas, places that are flood-free and risk free. Which reminds me, maybe we should visit our old neighborhood and see how everyone's doing after last year and last week's flood.

our house before it got washed away from the 2011 Sendong Flood

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