Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Glimpse of the Past

I can't help but be amused at looking at our old photos. I'm really thankful that my cousin got hold of theses old photos and were kept in her house. If not, then these could have also been washed away by the flood.

Without further ado, here's a glimpse of the past.... the days when we were still smaller, younger ..and err.. thinner.. :))

Mother and Son Day Out

Since my son and I were home alone for a few days last week, we had a chance to bond and go on a day out! It was actually the first time that I went out with my son alone(without Hubby and daughter). When he was smaller, I never dared to bring him out alone because he just had so much of energy and I could never keep up with him. But now, since he's a bit bigger and more in control of his energy, he's a better companion at the mall. Though sometimes he just couldn't contain his excitement and jumps ups and down and becomes a bit loud but it's more controlled now.

So, we went to Diana, did some artwork, window shopping and had snacks at Mcdo. He truly enjoyed the day and was telling me, ' God is so good Amma, because he let me paint, get a balloon, get a toy and see the mascot! Thank you Amma!" He's such a sweet boy!

But even though he enjoyed being alone with me for several days, he can't help but miss his Ate and Appa. If only they were just a few intercoms away... but it's okay because they are arriving real soon. :)

The Unexpected Surprise!

I love how God gives us unexpected surprises! A few months ago during the long Thai holiday, our family went on a prayer retreat and with God's provision, stayed at a resort for 2 nights. That was truly a refreshing break for us as a family and we thought that it will be good if we can have family retreats like this on a regular basis. And indeed, God met the desire of our hearts and just a couple of weeks ago, I learned that I won a 3 night and 4 days stay in a 5 star hotel in Trang. I just saw the photos of the resort and I can't believe that we could get to stay there for free. I'm not sure if they look something like Beach house rentals Galveston but I just really find the resort so beautiful as it's near the beach. It means, we can have another family retreat all for free! Now, we just have to look for another long Thai holiday so, we can have another family retreat.

I'm constantly amazed with God's blessings.. it's only through His grace.. not because of the things that we do, but because that's just who He is.. a gracious and generous God.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Taller and Thinner

My boy is really growing up so fast. He's getting taller and losing his 'baby fats'. He used to be so chubby and 'meaty' when he was younger. Now, he is a lot thinner and sometimes our friends wonder why he has lost so much of weight. No, he's not on a diet or such, it's the mom ( that's me! :) who needs to go on a diet and check out lol! But seriously, my son must have lost his weight because he doesn't drink as much milk as he used to. He still eats a lot but I guess all the food he eats burns up easily as he's a very energetic boy.

Sunday, July 15, 2012


This song Forgiveness from Matthew West, really touches my heart. The video below tells us the story behind the song, in which a mother has lost her daughter from a car accident caused by a drunk driver behind the wheels. God has enabled the mother to forgive the driver who's now in prison which resulted to his salvation. The family has also asked the court to lessen his sentence of 22 years to 11 years to give the man a second chance in life. November 2012 this man is going to be released from prison and be going around with the family to tell people about God's love and forgiveness.

Here's the song with the lyrics:

Here's the story behind the song:

Matthew West - Forgiveness: Mother Forgives Drunk Driver Who Killed Her Daughter from matthew-west on GodTube.

Weekend at The Beach

Our kids love going to the beach. We try to go to the beach at least once a month but sometimes we just can't meet that 'quota'. :)

Anyways, we went to Songkhla beach about 2 weeks ago with our friends and we were thankful for a good weather at that time. The breeze was just right and the waves were not so rough

so the kids were able to take a dip. While the kids were swimming the grown ups were having a good time talking and eating.

Here are a few photos that we took at that time:

One excited boy!

A great place to just relax and enjoy God's creation

The girls busy digging and maybe hoping to find 1 oz gold .. lol! :))

Lyle: Two Years Ago

Whenever I needed a good laugh, I always watch this video clip of my son dancing his own version of "Diversity Dance" 2 years ago. Diversity is actually winner of Britain's Got Talent a few years back. We saw our son's interest with this dance when we found him folloing the dance steps while watching the video that time. And then, he would ask us to watch the video over and over again while he follows the step.

At that time ( 2 years ago), we really thought that he could make a better dancer than a musician with Gibson Les Paul guitar. :) Anyways, here's the clip and enjoy!

Catching Up with Work

The past 2 weeks has been quite packed for me. I rarely had time to sit in front of my computer and do my online work except late at night. But then most of the time, I find myself so sleepy and unable to concentrate so, I just procrastinate and promise myself to do it the next day. But then, it didn't happen and now I find myself cramming my work and writing Tysabri reviews at the last minute.

I really should balance my time well and give a bit more time with my online work. But I think my busy weeks have past and hopefully I won't be able to rush with my online work anymore.

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