Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Power Outage

There was power outage in the whole city last night . I'm  not sure what caused the power failure but it seemed quite bad since it came without any warning and I  think the entire city was affected. The power outage lasted for several hours. It's a good thing though that the weather was a bit cold so, it's quite ok for the kids to sleep without fan or a/c. It wasn't really too cold to the point of calling hvac calgary for furnace installations calgary. But the weather was cold enough without having us to use a fan. Our only 'enemies' were the mosquitoes that were able to go inside the house and feasted on us. ;) My daughter only cried a bit after being disturbed from her sleep from thet mosquito bites. As for me, I was just waiting for the electricity to bet back. Oh, it was such a relief after the electricity returned after a few hours.

Electricity and water. The  things we easily take for granted but quite a bit difficult to live without during these times. Some people would prefer not having electricity as long as there is water. But I would rather have both. :)

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