Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Regular or Decaffeinated?

Choices are great except when you are the one responsible for those changes. It can be a real hassle to plan and make both regular and decaffeinated coffee and get it all right without a lot of waste. With an on demand coffee maker you can have it all – enjoy a decaf or regular K-Cup coffee any time you’d like and provide guests with their beverage of choice any time.. There are hundreds of K-Cup® flavors in both regular and decaffeinated, along with all sorts of interesting roasts and blends; it’s easy to try new flavors and experience a broader range of hot beverage options with a single serve coffee maker.

Perhaps you’ve seen them at the car dealership or in a small office – the typical on demand coffee maker takes coffee pods or inserts – pop one in, put your cup in position and press a button – in under a minute you have a piping hot cup of fresh and flavorful coffee. Not only does it taste great, it’s hassle-free because there is not coffee pot or carafe to clean, no need to scoop and measure coffee and no warmer to turn good coffee into a scorched and undrinkable mess.

With an on demand coffee maker waste is eliminated – you brew only what you need at the very moment you want it. Freedom of choice is guaranteed as each cup is individually brewed and custom made; one person can make a flavored coffee, another decaffeinated and a third can easily brew chai, tea or hot chocolate – it all depends on what they are in the mood for. Paper cups can be replaced with coffee cups or mugs to reduce waste.

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