Thursday, March 7, 2013

Arts and Craft

We have been so trying to keep up the pace of our homeschool schedule after a long break from our Philippines trip that I've totally forgotten about music and arts and craft for the kids. Even though my kids have their own 'unsupervised' arts and craft session during the free time, but it's different when we do something  planned and 'purposeful'. Anyways, I just found a project that can interest my kids and it's called decoupage.  I actually found a decoupage store in the city in which they had everything decoupaged from cigar boxes to straw hats. I thought I could check it out online first before buying their stuff and to my surprise, we can truly make our own decoupage without buying a single item from their store. So, now I'm geared up for arts and crafts and I hope my kids will be as excited as I am with this project.

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