Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Questions from the Kids

I'm always amazed as to how kids think and ask questions these days. When I was kid, I never asked a lot of questions. I was the kind of child who accepts almost everything that is being fed by the grown ups without exploring the ideas much since I was more concentrated  in  retaining the facts in my head. Remember the difference between the 'smart child' and the 'gifted child'? They say that the smart child , answers the questions correctly but the 'gifted child' asks the right question. Well, that proves that I'm not a gifted child. lol! Anyways, back to my kids' questions, they ask me questions like this: 

 - on the serpent tempting Eve: ' I thought God made everything good ... why is the serpent bad?' question from my 5 year old.
- on Matthew 6 God taking care of the birds and the lilies .. ' God loves the people most, right? But why the birds don't have to work for their food but people have to work first to get food? ' question from my 9 year old
- on David and Goliath: ' But Goliath is sooo tall and big.. how can a stone kill him??' question from my 5 year old. 

Oh, and there's so many other questions.. it's a good thing though that I know my Bible and I feel relieved whenever I hear their 'Ahhhs...' and see their eyes sparkle after I satisfactorily answer their questions. But for their more difficult questions like science and history, that's the time I tell them..'Let's check that on Google!!".  Yes, Mr. Google is my friend.. :)

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Genuine Cuisine said...

I am really giggling and smiling reading their questions, love. LOL


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