Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Saving for Legoland

Last year our kids prayed and saved up to go to Kidzania in Malaysia. They were so consistent with saving all the cash gifts given to them and gathering the small coins they see in the house that they met their goal in a few months time. And this year, they're desiring to go to Legoland Malaysia and started saving money too. I couldn't help but smile as my son showed me a small zip lock bag full of coins and asked me if the money inside is enough to go to Legoland. Oh, they still had a long way to go...unless they get to gather those precious coins from . But even then, there's nothing to worry about since Legoland will always be there no matter how long it would take them to save up the right amount. But I know too that as they prayed and save, this will surely come to pass just as how they were able to go to Kidzania.

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