Friday, June 7, 2013

Father's Day is Coming

Just a few days ago, Hubby and I have been talking about my late father.I was telling him more of how my Tatay ( father in our language) was like when we were still small. Hubby never really got a chance to spend a lot of  time with my Tatay since we were out of the country after we got married and only got to visit a few times before he passed away. Whenever I talk about my Tatay, I can't help but miss him terribly. It's on the month of June that he passed away, and it's also the month for Father's Day.  

I'm just thankful to God for letting us have a wonderful earthly father though his time here on earth was just short, but indeed it's very meaningful and such a great blessing to many people.  

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nanay said...

yes, his death anniversary is coming..when I read your post I felt heaviness in my heart and teary we miss him, his love and how he cared for many things he had done that is now only a memories to cherish....


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