Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in Thailand

After a long time, we're now spending Christmas in Thailand. We usually go back to the Philippines or Malaysia to spend the holidays with family, but this year we decided to stay. Even if a part of me still longs to be in the Philippines with my mom and siblings this season, but I don't regret staying back to celebrate here. It's actually an opportunity for us to be a blessing to the people around us and to share to them the real meaning for Christmas. I've truly been blessed with our experience here this Christmas and I know it's not only this season when we can be a blessing for others but everyday in our lives as well. 

Thursday, December 26, 2013


On Christmas eve, we went around the neighborhood singing Christmas carols and giving them goodies as Christmas gifts. It was a beautiful experience as we have the opportunity to share about Christmas with our friends and neighbors. They too got so excited and even took photos with us. We didn't use microphones though but sang with the guitar as an accompaniment. Then, some of our neighbors even celebrated the christmas eve with us. :) 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Showing in a While, The Nativity Story

The Nativity Story from spioc on GodTube.

 With Christmas fast approaching, we are all in the Christmas mood. When I was a child, Christmas has always been exciting because of presents, my gifts from "Santa" and the countless of parties that we're attending. But as we've already known the real essence of Christmas, I want my children to understand this too. So, everyday as we make our countdown for the big day, we also read and talk about the birth of Jesus and the reason he came. And today, I'm going to let them watch this Nativity Story. I haven't watched this yet and I'm also looking forward for our movie time this evening.

The Huffington Post About Boring Men

I'm sure many of you have already read about the article by Ann Voskamp,The Real Truth about ‘Boring’ Men — and the Women who Live with Them: Redefining Boring. I sent that article to my Hubby's email and before he read the email, he had this look of disappointment on his face and asked, "Am I boring?".. LOL! I had to tell him to read the whole article first and then he won't be disappointed. I have a lot of favorite portions in the article which was actually well written. She started with the her advise to her sons that romance isn't measured by how viral your proposal goes but 'goal is to make your Christ-focus contagious'. I truly agree with the entire article since love is more than an emotion and the goal of every relationship is not ourselves but Christ. One might not be able to give out the most lavish gifts or Engagement Rings Salt Lake City , but if ones love is unconditional, selfless and sacrificial just as how Christ loves the church then that is worth more than the world! Anyways, if you're curious about the artcle from Ann Voskamp, I suggest you search it up and read it. It's a beautiful piece of article.

Friday, December 6, 2013

The Night Before Christmas

The song Night Before Christmas by Brandon Heath is by far  my most favorite Christmas song. This song is just so heartfelt and meaningful. It takes us away from the hustle and bustle of  "Christmas" but brings us back to the very essence and real meaning of Christmas.. that without our Saviour being born on earth, our lives will still be in darkness, chaos, without hope, without grace.. just like the night before Christmas. My favorite part of the song is this:

And the world didnt know mercy was meek and so mild.
And the world didnt know that truth was as pure as a child.
The night before Christmas.

And the world didnt know, redemption was sweet and so strong. 
And the world didnt know salvation was writing a song. 
The night before christmas.

 Watch and listen to the song...

Karaoke Boy

We went for a camp at Songkhla about two weeks ago. The venue for the camp was superb, the house (they call it 'long stay' house) was situated near the lake and the space for activities was very big. One of the facilities that they have was a 'karaoke'. They didn't have k m flute stand but seeing the Karaoke actually transported me back to the Philippines since I know Filipinos love Karake and we love to sing. I didn't use the karaoke since aside from being shy to sing with everyone's presence, I'm no longer updated with all the songs anymore. But what amused us was our little boy, he sang all his heart out according to the tune of the song..but with only with  the lyrics , "God is good, all the time.. all the time , he is good'. It's funny actually how he try hard to keep his song in tune to the music .. from Justin Beibers music to some love song..  :)

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Her Love

It was one of those not-so-good homeschool days. I assigned my daughter to so some pages of her Math textbook and workbook. At first I found out she didn't do it but instead did other things that hasn't been assigned to her. And then after reprimanding her, she did it half heartedly and ended up with most of the exercises to be wrong. I know that Math is not my daughter's favorite subject, but actually she's good with it ( better than I am). But because it has already been ingrained in her mind that she doesn't like Math, then that's when the problem starts.

Anyways, I had to firmly reprimand her again and at the end got mad with her attitude towards the subject. And because she hasn't been doing her best, I took out some of her privileges for the weekend. After my long 'sermon', I went upstairs for my 'time out'.. and when I came down, I saw this note which says,

I did this because I love you . ( She did her maths back and this time, she did her best)
I hate to see you mad,
When you do I get really sad.
I did this because I love you.
It's okay if you don't give our privileges back
Because either way my love for you fills a million sads. 

After reading the note, she hugged me and told me she's sorry. I was also touched by her gesture that even if I got mad and scolded her she still secure that I love her and she loves me back. I just thank God for this relationship wth my daughter and really pray that we will continue to grow in this relationship even as she becomes older. 

23 Days Before Christmas

Yes, I'm on a Christmas countdown. Christmas is actually my favorite holidays. I love everything about Christmas, first and foremost the celebration of our remembrance of the birth of our Lord Jesus, then I love how festive everything is and everyone is generously giving gifts to each other. 

Speaking of gifts, I've decided to give handmade and personalized gifts this year. I know it entails more time and effort to do this, but I actually enjoy doing handmade stuff. I'm also excited that with our new printer, I can print out and create a lot of things instead of sending my stuff for online wholesale printing. I just hope our receipients would love and appreciate the gifts that we're going to give. 

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