Saturday, January 26, 2013


As I remember the times we had back home in the Philippines, I can't just help but be thankful to God for all the wonderful times we spent with family and friends. I'm especially happy for my little ones who truly enjoyed their time with their cousins too. They've learned a lot more about being a 'Bisaya' or "Pinoy" this time, from using their slippers inside the house to saying 'Ayooo!!...lock man! ' ( Lyle said that) outside a locked gate. There were petty fights and 'sumbong sumbong' among the cousins but all these were erased with the sorries, the hugs and the kisses. 

Oh, we will truly miss family back home... but it's time to move on and just pray for everyone as we remember them. 

Thank you God for the special memories.. thank you Lord that you have also protected us and provided for us during our entire stay in the Philippines. It is our prayer that as we look forward for the things that you have entrusted to us..our hearts will be filled with expectations for the things that you have in store for us. Amen

Tagalog Worship

Last Sunday, we had to opportunity to attend Sunday worship service in Manila. Being a Cagay-anon, it has been a looong time since I attended a Tagalog worship service. It was only then that I realized that how I missed all the Tagalog praise and worship songs I used to sing during my university days. I love their worship songs and I'll be searching in YouTube more Tagalog songs. Later, I might be singing my heart out.. but without Kustom Amps at musicians friend ... lol! Oh... I think I'm just missing the Philippines now, after being there for a few weeks. 

Into Arts and Creativity

I love the arts and I want to think that I'm creative. But then, these things take time and practice to be developed. As for this year, I want to develop on this things and I know that there can be great uses for these. As for starters, I need to read more and practice my photography and maybe look for online design tool to apply these on. Just last week, I met a relative who's doing personalized mugs, tshirts and give aways, I'm really interested on how to do these things... maybe next time I could learn these too.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Regular or Decaffeinated?

Choices are great except when you are the one responsible for those changes. It can be a real hassle to plan and make both regular and decaffeinated coffee and get it all right without a lot of waste. With an on demand coffee maker you can have it all – enjoy a decaf or regular K-Cup coffee any time you’d like and provide guests with their beverage of choice any time.. There are hundreds of K-Cup® flavors in both regular and decaffeinated, along with all sorts of interesting roasts and blends; it’s easy to try new flavors and experience a broader range of hot beverage options with a single serve coffee maker.

Perhaps you’ve seen them at the car dealership or in a small office – the typical on demand coffee maker takes coffee pods or inserts – pop one in, put your cup in position and press a button – in under a minute you have a piping hot cup of fresh and flavorful coffee. Not only does it taste great, it’s hassle-free because there is not coffee pot or carafe to clean, no need to scoop and measure coffee and no warmer to turn good coffee into a scorched and undrinkable mess.

With an on demand coffee maker waste is eliminated – you brew only what you need at the very moment you want it. Freedom of choice is guaranteed as each cup is individually brewed and custom made; one person can make a flavored coffee, another decaffeinated and a third can easily brew chai, tea or hot chocolate – it all depends on what they are in the mood for. Paper cups can be replaced with coffee cups or mugs to reduce waste.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Worth it!

I'm truly thankful to God for giving us a chance to go home this year. Even though we really didn't originally plan to come for the holidays this year and therefore we spent quite a lot on flight tickets and stuff.. but, I still say that everything is worth it. There's no price attached on the time spent with family, nor the joy of seeing my kids so happy to be with family on this side of the planet, letting them know of their roots and experience half of their culture...

And since our time here in the Philippines is slowly ticking to an end, I have mixed emotions since I'm sad to leave this place yet I'm excited to be 'home' and  reunited with Hubby again.

Dream Come True

Kids' dreams are usually so simple yet fulfilling these wishes or dreams gives them great joy! One of my son's 'dream' was to ride a horse. A few times we've attempted to let this dream of his come true but failed.. like we went to a few places in Malaysia where they have horseback riding , only to find out that they closed their facility. But last week, my son's dream finally came true as we went to Dahilayan where the kids can go horseback riding. Oh, my son was so happy and ever so thankful to God for the opportunity to have his 'wish' granted. 

Here he is.. look at the face! He looks so excited and happy! We could have brought a cowboy hat to complete the look but  we didn't have any.

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Power Outage

There was power outage in the whole city last night . I'm  not sure what caused the power failure but it seemed quite bad since it came without any warning and I  think the entire city was affected. The power outage lasted for several hours. It's a good thing though that the weather was a bit cold so, it's quite ok for the kids to sleep without fan or a/c. It wasn't really too cold to the point of calling hvac calgary for furnace installations calgary. But the weather was cold enough without having us to use a fan. Our only 'enemies' were the mosquitoes that were able to go inside the house and feasted on us. ;) My daughter only cried a bit after being disturbed from her sleep from thet mosquito bites. As for me, I was just waiting for the electricity to bet back. Oh, it was such a relief after the electricity returned after a few hours.

Electricity and water. The  things we easily take for granted but quite a bit difficult to live without during these times. Some people would prefer not having electricity as long as there is water. But I would rather have both. :)

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

A Blessed New Year to All!

Everyone is excited for the new year. Every new year is like new beginnings for each one of us, each one expecting new experiences and greater things. It is our prayer that God will indeed bring to fulfillment all the promises that He has in store for each of us.

God bless you all and once again, a blessed and fruitful New Year to you!!

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