Saturday, September 6, 2014

Talking to the Kids

Now that my kids are bigger, I love talking to them more and more. They just have a lot of questions about the past, life and even faith. Gone are the days of baby talk and now, it's almost like we're talking to 'grown ups' since they can understand things better. We also have a lot of heart to heart talks with them and I'm praying that they will be able to put all those lessons and insights in their hearts. It's also amazing to hear what's in the hearts and minds of these little ones. 

We have learned to truly encourage our kids to talk their heart out. Sometimes, children are afraid to talk their hearts out as they might end up getting scolded by the parents. But I've learned that it's much better for them to talk to us as parents as we can give better advises than their friends. So when my kids open up things with me, I try to listen without judging and having an understanding and open heart.

At one point, we have also encouraged our daughter (who's slowly becoming a teenager) to write anything that's boggling her heart and mind in her 'thoughts box' and we read them. She's a writer and sometimes she can express her heart more when she's writing than talking. And truly, we have discovered that there are some things that seems okay from the outside but one is struggling from the inside. From there, we moved on to have having more of heart to heart talks. And as we know what's in their heart, we could also pray more specifically for them.

I'm truly enjoying the kind of relationship that we have now with the kids and it's my prayer that this relationship with last on and on until their adolescent stage and even until they become adults. 

Cassette Tapes

I'm born in a generation where cassette players and recorders were still existing. Now, this 'gadget' is a thing of the past. But, we still have a lot of casette tapes hiding on the the bottom drawer in our room. I wanted to get rid of them so  as to free one drawer and put other stuff there, but Hubby didn't want to. For him it has some kind of sentimental value since some of those were his collection of Praise and Worship tapes (remember Hosanna Integrity, Ron Kenoly and Don Moen?) when he was still younger. 

For sure we could always download those same songs from Youtube and listen to the sound of the taylor gs mini on the computer. We don't even have a casette player anymore. But I think we will still have to keep those tapes.. to show our children and grandchildren in the future. lol! :)

No More Curly Hair

My daughter used to have curly hair when she was younger. It was so cute as her hair naturally curls at the bottom and they were so soft. But as she grows older her hair becomes straighter. She also like her hair straight now and I'm not sure if she'll need hairuwear in the future. 

Anyways, whether she has curly hair or straight hair both hair styles fit her small,oval shaped face. 

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