Saturday, September 6, 2014

Cassette Tapes

I'm born in a generation where cassette players and recorders were still existing. Now, this 'gadget' is a thing of the past. But, we still have a lot of casette tapes hiding on the the bottom drawer in our room. I wanted to get rid of them so  as to free one drawer and put other stuff there, but Hubby didn't want to. For him it has some kind of sentimental value since some of those were his collection of Praise and Worship tapes (remember Hosanna Integrity, Ron Kenoly and Don Moen?) when he was still younger. 

For sure we could always download those same songs from Youtube and listen to the sound of the taylor gs mini on the computer. We don't even have a casette player anymore. But I think we will still have to keep those tapes.. to show our children and grandchildren in the future. lol! :)

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