Thursday, March 13, 2014

House for Rent

I remember a couple of years back, we were looking for a house to rent. No, we don't want those impressive condos for sale, but just wanted a simple house with a lawn. We thought that a lawn will be good for them. As homeschooled kids, they spend most of their time at home and it's good for us to have at least a big lawn where they can play or do other outdoor activities. We searched far and low for houses for rent with a lawn until we saw one. But the price was too high for us. It was two times the present rent that we're paying! Oh, did I mention we have the cheapest rent in town? ;) But still the same, we thought the house was not so worth it, though the lawn is big and nice but the house is quite old and run down. 

And just a few days ago, we found another place for rent. It's a beautiful house in a quite subdivision, but this time it's far from the city center and not accessible to public transport at all. So we decided to just stay in this house and make most of what we have. :)

1 Week Offline

I was offline for a week last week. It was kinda liberating to be offline. In fact, I found myself more productive in terms of homeschooling and housework, because there wasn't any distractions at all. I was already enjoying my 'offline' life, but then I realized that I needed to communicate with a few people for a task that I was assigned to do. And the only way I can communicate with them was through Facebook. So, I didn't have a choice but get online again. I will have to have constant communication with them until I accomplish my job. And maybe after this, I'll go offline again.. 

My Sis is Coming!

My sis is coming next month and we're excited! It's really a great blessing to live 'nearby' our homecountry since we get to have our families visit us 'often'. Last year, my mom and sis got to visit us, then this time my older sis and brother in law are coming too.
I haven't started out planning on the activities we should do when they come. It's a bit busy though because we have an ongoing summer workshop during their visit. But we could also squeeze some time to go around. Not sure though if we could visit the place where they sell silver jewelry. My other sis buys them for her business. It's much cheaper to buy from here than other places and other online sources.

Anyways, let me get start planning on my sis itinerary... :)

Monday, March 3, 2014

Memory through Songs

There are just times that memorizing names and other things are just difficult for the kids. When this happens, I resort to Youtube and look for a song that relates to our specific topic. Just for example, the Days of Week. It took a bit of time for my son to memorize this, but when I introduced the Days of the Week song, it immediately clicked and until now he couldn't forget the song. So, we've been using music and songs for a lot of our topics in homeschool. Maybe next time we can also use keyboards for kids to create our own songs for topics that are in our homeschool.

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