Tuesday, February 14, 2017

6 Ways to Add Some Oomph to Your Living Room

Maybe the kids have moved out and you're looking to redecorate. Maybe there's a sale at your local "home and garden" center and you want to take advantage of the deals. Maybe you're just plain tired of your interior decor! If you're ready to shake things up with your living room design, here are just a few changes that you can make.

1. Replace Your Curtains You can get seasonal with this by replacing them every time the weather warms up or cools down. For summer, buy something light, airy and gauzy; when winter comes blowing in, hang up drapes that are thick and grandiose. 

2. Upholster Your Furniture Upholstery serves two purposes. Not only does it allow you to quickly and easily change the aesthetic of your furniture, but it also protects them from spills, stains, scratches and other messes that are inevitable in a living room. Go ahead and go nuts with their design! 

3. Change Your Lighting Unique floor lamps will draw attention to your one-of-a-kind style. Sconces around the fireplace will add a certain sophistication to the room. You can even get next-level with your interior design by hanging a chandelier from the ceiling! 

4. Roll On A New Coat A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for the atmosphere of a room, especially if you make a dramatic change. For example, if your walls are currently a neutral shade like white or gray, you can make them pop by painting over them with a dark blue or deep crimson. 

5. Try New Flooring If you have carpet, consider hardwood floors. If you have hardwood floors, lay down some carpet. It doesn't matter what you change as long as you're willing to take a chance; this is how fresh ideas blossom into exciting action. 

6. Get Personal Last but certainly not least, a personal touch in your living room can make it feel like it's truly your own. Hang family portraits on the walls. Display soccer trophies on the mantle. Let your kids notch their heights in the doorway. These are the kinds of things that turn a house into a home. 

These are just a few ways to get creative with your living room design. As you can see, there are all kinds of possibilities once you open your mind and throw aside conventional design ideas, so don't be afraid to dream big!

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